USA Dance Boise 

  1. Do I need to bring a dance partner to the dances?No, but if you bring one, we'd encourage you to invite other people to dance - it's a fun way to make new friends, learn new dance steps, and test your leading skills.
  2. Do I need special shoes?No, but please consider bringing a separate pair from your street shoes to avoid tracking dirt onto the ballroom floor which can make it tricky for everyone dancing.  Check out our Resources page for ideas on where to buy ballroom dance shoes.
  3. How can I get new content added to the USA Dance Boise website?
    You can request news & articles be uploaded to our website via the following link: Upload Requests.
     Note - we don't currently publish pictures or videos of members on our website (other than past instructional videos).  There is a Facebook page for USA Dance Chapter 1014 here if you want to post pictures or videos there.

Frequently asked Questions